This article is also a part of a series of writings that I express human feelings or to say “conditions”. It is important to note, COVID – 19 pandemic has affected me in many ways and I seek to solve the problems via philosophy and psychoanalysis. This is my point of view the news and the situation in which we live.

Everything in our daily routine has an impact on our soul, on our mind and the philosophers from ancient times up to 21st century wanted to share their thoughts about how they conceive as the best way to improve our existence. The absolute purity in our thoughts, what can we do to reach the perfect human being.

It is more essential than ever, as we think about society and ourselves. My thoughts are on how we can achieve the best model of society, to provide support to humans in their endeavour to achieve the Absolute.

What a tough task, isn’t it? Thousands of years humans try to figure out how this will be achieved. But the answer isn’t clear and obvious. Yet, humans choose to obey in a system with many inequalities and a system which has the ability to become a non – static situation. If our world stops, the system will collapse. And this is why COVID – 19 measures are just to wear a mask etc, but there is no new lockdown.

From this moment, we can see the tiny holes of resistance. People get angry, they are confident for change as they fight back against their regimes.(Belarus is a great example of how to deal with a sovereign president)

Probably you will find my words boring or just nonsense. But look around you. The resistance is everywhere. Black lives matter is a universal voice to recognize equal rights to black people. Also, recently in many cities around Europe, protested against the use of a mask. This is a perfect example of resistance to universal logic.

In other words, science is now the new religion, as the former talks about the truth with evidence through scientific analysis. We now see how science is affecting the world, with everything spinning around. I do not say that the whole thing is fiction and we cannot trust science. On the contrary, I support all the hard work and the efforts by the doctors, but I disagree with the sovereignty of science, as a new form of religion.

The only certain fact is that the human sphere is not mere scientific projects and analysis. It is more complex than that and this is the irony. Humans live in a world with the certainty of the uncertain, as they seek ways to survive and to live a normal life. Due to the pandemic, this social life has been suspended for safety reasons. All these protests, unconsciously have a note of pessimism inside, because we do not enjoy completely all the staff that we bought or want to buy, etc.

Our daily routine has been suspended due to the measures. I do not say that is safer to live as we live before, NO!. I mean with this article, that all the manifestations against the use of masks, of COVID-19, etc, are because humans need to feel free again, to choose their own type of uncertainty, and not for the state or science to choose for them. We need to establish uncertainty by us, to seek freedom not only for survival but also for an act to live a better life at its purest. 

Anxiety #3

According to the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. Such a great quote, with all the power of uncertainty compressed into a sentence.

When we feel that we have to choose among many options we feel uncertain. Imagine in our days, we enter a shop and we want to buy ice cream. But the options are countless, as the vendor is asking what flavour we want. Strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla, etc. We like most of them.

As for Kierkegaard, we feel dizzy when we are confronting such freedom. Adam was the first man that felt that way, when God gave him the chance to sin, as His command was to not eat by the tree of knowledge. In other words, God gave Adam the opportunity of sin as He gave Adam the option of choice.

This option is inevitable, we cannot run away, but instead, we must confront it, as we enter society. It is a step for any human being and he will be unavoidable. So, in any of the above, anxiety is the freedom of choice. But, what about today’s society, how people living with anxiety? Is anxiety a “problem” due to the craziness of work and the high-speed life?

There is another meaning for anxiety, different from the Kierkegaardian concept of anxiety. Psychoanalysis on the other hand, as Jacques Lacan said, anxiety is the loss of ourselves, when the person devoid of his image. When I am unemployed for example, I have not any identity, I am not certain about my self to the Others, and this makes me anxious.

Nowadays, it is important to note what makes us be anxious about. Uncertainty is the number one factor that shatters our balance in our daily lives, as we seek for stability in every public and personal domain. This is not easy for us, especially in a situation such as COVID-19 spread, broke into our lives and we clearly see that the future is made of glass.

Anxiety differs from fear, as in the latter we know about what threatens us. We know the object, the situation. In anxiety, we lose this element as we become anxious with more general objects. The crucial question is, can we fight back anxiety?

Kierkegaard will respond that in God we can find peace and turn anxiety and despair into something positive. The only thing we can do is a “leap of faith” into religion, and there it is, despair is over and we can reduce anxiety. Nonetheless, it is in our hands, it is our decision what we want.

In contrast, today is a different world, with many factors that influence our minds. Many people feel stressed about the future. Jean Pierre Dupuy gave another explanation of Kierkegaard’s “leap of faith”. According to Dupuy (“Pour un catatastrophisme éclairé”), we must embrace that the end is near, in order to feel free and act. In other words, accept the end and this will set you free to be creative.

As far I can feel anxiety about my future, I agree with Dupuy that we need to free ourselves from the thought that we are doomed. Indeed, we need something that will bring us to creation, to fulfil our goals, and to stand up against uncertainty. A leap is a solution, faith is hope, even if it is religious faith. We need any kind of faith (mostly in our selves), we do not need the anxiety to control us.  

Love #2

The other day, I went on shopping as I saw a young couple to walk, holding their hands. That was pure love at its purest. The young man, as the humidity reached the top, gave his blouse to the girl, who was cold. A great manifestation of love, but was this love is “pure”? Or, without any self-control, the young man made that gesture to achieve his goals?

Really, what were his goals? How anyone can have goals in love? Love is exactly the feeling of giving and anticipating nothing in return, like the sun. Today’s society has underestimated the feeling of love. With Facebook and other social media the distance, the stalkers are doing their job from their homes.
Many people feeling that their previous attempt to fall in love has failed after a divorce or a relationship which ended horribly. The experiences that a human has felt during his life is not a proper attempt to become a cruel guy or a heart-breaker girl. Our egoism is at his best, feeling hurt and the wound is still fresh.

What about that this wound is the solution as well. As we are afraid to heal the trauma, we increase the problem, the symptom. On the other hand, as we divided by the dilemma of fall in love or to have a good time, we confine ourselves into a situation like the Sisyphus myth. The best way to make the wound disappear is to confront the problem and to turn into something creative.

Creative means love or write, etc. Love is something that breaks our routine, as in the eyes of your partner you find peace and feel calm. This is not a coincidence that you feel this way. It is a sign of humans are social beings and the oppression of desire for love is in blood. But, instead, humans prefer not to hurt, to fight against the feelings of love and to try safe and easy pleasure. As far as I know, if you try to do difficult and impossible things and succeed, you get surplus pleasure.

And of course, you are proud of your self. All in all, humans feel proud as they not stand out and fight the symptom, their choice is to play safe, to reach the end with the fewest possible losses. We feel proud of spending time with no-sense actions or nothing but sex and we lost the substance. The crux here is not to mix sex with love. In a relationship love and sex are in a fifty-fifty situation both are good.

My point here is to separate those who afraid to commit in a relationship, as they feel proud of not falling in love. Love as a state of continuous alert is something that changes our lives and the perspective that we see things, giving without receiving, humiliating our selves. Anyone who stood-out and loved a person, confronting love as it is, is the real winner. The others, they can obey an infinite command of searching the impossible.

The Night #1

During those difficult times that we been through, I think many questions about myself, my family, my friends and to put it in a more universal way, about society as a whole. As Camus wrote it at his oeuvre “The Plague”, a virus means the fragile human nature, its finitude. The questions are related with human nature, all this suffering etc. What about the suffering? Is this something ok? What we can do for this?

No, those are more dark questions that we cannot answer it properly. We need to get into it and this will not provide some decents results. But, on the other hand we can see some notions that supports human suffering as something “natural”, a proccess to get to our goals, to succeed in our daily lifes. In the question “how are you?”, most of the people today will answer negativily, complaining about their works, their dreams that are not fulfield etc. “Be patient” we say in Greece, in order to provide hope even to ourselves, as a endeavor to stay well and to “suffer” again, to be prepared that the redemption will happen in the near future.

In other words, most of our suffering is justified because we provide the answer in a question that makes us anxious in our daily life structure. There is no way but to work hard in order to be successeful, to make money and to redeem this hard work in money or you will be famous on your profession etc. What really matters is that many people have this way of thinking at the top of their minds, but on the contrary few made this possible.

My point here is that if we want to make the first step to move forward is to embrace this natural “negativity” and fight against the “suffering”, that is totally made by humans and to seek for a universal solution. As Zizek puts it, humans fears are about natural catastrophes such as earthquackes etc. So we can imagine the end of the world but not the end of capitalism.

This passivity for the care of the society means that we devoid of desire, or in other words, we live as automatons, which are programmed for the same everyday specific work, and we desperatly we are in a search of something that we can face reality from above (fantasy, movies, games, cellphones, VR etc.)

Or, as a conlusion for now, the answer is the notion of the death drive.

The defenseless statue

We are entering the third week of protests in the United States and in many European countries. The assassination of George Floyd sparked a flame, and people went to the streets to protest against racism and police violence to the black people. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed, but this incident was not the only one over the last years. Consequently, what makes George Floyd’s assassination different this time?

Here we touch a thread, which in the process intersects with many others, without an end. We see an iceberg with many peaks. It is no coincidence that the protests continue unabated, with clashes with police becoming commonplace. However, we note that the police continue to use violence to the people, while in the end, the policeman was the one who killed Floyd. The slogan ” Black Lives Matter ” became the slogan of world unity.

People came together, took to the streets to shout, to break out. He suffered a lot and COVID -19 gave a shot to the already fragile system, which the politicians are stubbornly trying to keep alive. What is certain is that in this world, which is dominated by anxiety and uncertainty for most people, there is no room for racial discrimination. People seem to be outraged. That in addition to the hardships he has endured, he must also suffer police violence.

There are two points that I want to make clear. First, the police, citing the explosive aspect of Lafarge, that protects the bourgeoisie by the workers, acts as a shield against the fury of the worker. According to this logic, the policeman protects the rich from the “annoyances” of the poor, who want better living conditions. The job of the police officer is to preserve order, but Plato (through Glaukonas ) wondered in ” Πολιτεία”, who will protect us from the officers. The police protect against disorder, from the form that politicians fear, thus protecting them.

Second, it does not take much effort to understand exactly what is happening on our planet. A picture is worth a thousand words. And indeed, if one observes the demolition of the statue of Edward Colston, the city’s benefactor but still a 17th- century slave trader, one will see that as the statue touched the ground, the crowd rushed at it and trampled on it, with the feeling of hatred prevailing in the atmosphere.

All of the above is a purely symbolic act or, as certainly 3 weeks ago there was racism again, as there will be tomorrow, unfortunately. But now, it’s different. The world is outraged by the promises of salvation (or promises they have not made so far, plunging the people into uncertainty again), but nothing has changed. But one statue felt the wrath of people who see that in everything, they have to face racism and violence. Surely all this weighs heavily on the already overburdened community.

Let me borrow Rousseau’s excellent thought and his theory of the general will. The Swiss philosopher had stated that the general will is the torment of the political body, which consists of all citizens, for the common good, the general interest. Certainly, Rousseau acknowledges that the citizens of a society are different from each other, but in order to coexist with each other, they certainly have one thing in common in all differences.

In a society, like today, despite the differences, the common will is to live united. Protests against racism have many subtitles and one of them is the exclusion of many from the management of the common will. The marginalization of a large population by the public has resulted in the statue of Bristol being found at the bottom of the river. Crowds trample it.

But do not forget that Colton was slaver the 17th the century, he is dead now. But he has also contributed to the edifice that is now drowning the world and leading it down the road. It was an explosion because it was defenseless, while today’s politicians have guards. Yes, racism is a serious issue, but the iceberg has many peaks, not just one. People are tired of being deceived and want to be heard, that their voice exists, and demands respect. Regardless of whether he is different, everyone has the right to live.

Economy and survival

As people begin to find their balance after the blow of COVID- 19, we now enter a section on the issue of situation management. An example is Greece, which has performed exceptionally well on the cases that have affected its population, as it is now in a state of relaxation of the lockdown and is looking to the next day for both for the economy and for survival.

Unfortunately, nowadays these two concepts have become intertwined, because one defines the other and there cannot be one without the other. Survival is based solely on money to a large extent, to secure housing, food, and anything else that is defined as a basic need today. The economy on the other, although the word means the law of the house, has now come to mean a world average on everything having to do with money, an observation made by Thomas Carlyle in the 19th century.

The economy-survival equation results in an absolute element, something that cannot be disputed, as it comes from the study of “experts” who spend hours on statistics and estimates to arrive at the best possible result and what is the “Must”, which must be implemented. But because survival is our life, which is one, nothing can go wrong. There is no room for mistakes, it is the only opportunity we have, which was “given” to us. But economics is an artificial construction of people who believe in it as gospel and would do anything to keep it alive, even if it means hitting some other people while maintaining it.

In the name then these two indisputable poles, we conclude dodging in times that require immediate decisions our rational thinking and to “believe” anyone who invokes these two elements of the measures it wants to take. These measures are presented for the good of all or at least are “necessary” to be done. Baudrillard said that there needs but needs a system which maintains relations of production. Also, Lacan argued that the need for a cigarette smoker is so great that it would prefer to bypass the food, which is for all a basic need.

Can the above wording be made as follows: The need for survival, the preservation of the one and only opportunity given to us and the need to restore the economy, the means to be able to survive (can one survive without money ? ), are part of a wider range of Autonomy, of the thing that has been well imprinted in our minds that beyond is chaos. Indeed, after survival there is death, but even without the economy we reach it (the previous question arises again).

The thought of death brings fear, anxiety about darkness, that’s why there are ideologies that “illuminate” this gap. Religion could be part of this ideology. The subject is frightened by the fear of surviving the pandemic but also of its economy and future. In the same way, politicians enlighten with their factions and their words of hope, show the way to a better tomorrow, which is never better in the end.

The pandemic highlights our fears about the above and all people have turned to the state, which in recent decades has been sidelined and unwilling to intervene in everything. The state (surprised) will try to take advantage of this situation and will make demands, which it will invoke the Authority of survival and the economy to pass. In “exemplary” Greece, which is governed by decrees, a proposal has been made for cameras to enter schools, and the idea of policing public transport to comply with citizens’ health rules and various similar measures has been proposed.

However, politicians continue to take advantage of the EU’s liquid money lending and rushed to feed the system, the private sector, giving money to channels, private clinics, etc. , but nothing was given to the public sector, which seemed insufficient in many areas and especially health. According to Baudrillard, individuals give money to the system and from there politicians will receive profits and not from the public. The system serves the needs of the system itself only.

So we move to an intervening state, which limits the free habits of the citizens, while at the same time Greece is in the 27th place out of the 29 countries where the opposition party is heard. I am referring to a country that has a parliamentary democracy and the opposition has no room for “dialogue” in the media.

The bet is that in any discussion the argument is a matter of survival, that if we do not follow the measures there will be a problem. The problem is that the state, the society we live in, has transferred the needs, the responsibilities, from the “city” to the “soul” according to Chul – Han, as we now fight in a society that takes into account the performance of each one. There has been a shift in state responsibility to individual responsibility. The response of the subject, the corresponding ” Che Vuoi?” of Lacan for the indictment of ideology (what the Other he wants from me) in question to the state is to be cautious, but the state knows best what everyone wants, decide for us without us, as in ideology believe through other, if we adopt a cynical approach.

In short, what would be the answer to someone who decides for himself by projecting that his freedoms are restricted for an indefinite period of time on the pretext that he is to be saved? Nothing, he can’t – he doesn’t know how to answer, but he will obey. What could an employee say who, due to the situation, works from home and is asked to monitor him under the pretext of doing his job well? Obviously nothing, as he does not want to lose his job, has to survive.

The servitude voluntaire especially in the workplace is largely done with the blessing of the state. Žižek stated that the underlying ideology has no idea what they do, but they do. So we remain in our day, but we have reached a higher level, as he said “we know very well what we are doing, but we are doing it”. The point is that in dialogue, the Authority cannot be proved (without any measure being tested ), nor can it be challenged. As the employee, he knows that his job does not offer him a comfortable life, but he continues to do so, having given up on life, believing that the economy is the means of survival, without being able to challenge or prove it. (as its economy provides the basics). Of course, the opposite cannot be proved, as he is convinced that there is no other alternative.

Greece and corruption in the political system : A short version

These difficult days when we all stay at home, we let our right to protest to demise for a good cause. We denied the right to express our thoughts through concentrations and we all watch the politician’s endeavors for the best policy against the COVID-19 spread. Meanwhile, the political system in countries that have affected from economic crisis we see such politics, so much to say in Greece, are engaged in with scandals.

To be more clear, I take the example of Greece because I observe the matter with much more attention, due to a reveal of an economic scandal with politicians, which captured people’s eyes. Greece is a country that has gone through a lot during the economic crisis. The (central) left government of SYRIZA, with the collaboration of the right party of ANEL, has lost the last elections in 2019 by the party of New Democracy and Kyriakos Mitsotakis become the Prime Minister of Greece.

It is important to note that in Greece, many politicians considered and proved to be corrupted, involving themselves in economic scandals with corporate or public money. In some cases, those politicians imprisoned but other cases remained just as speculations. Also, we can see in Greek history, notably after 1960, people who elected as representatives, declare that will improve the economy but instead the first thing that they do is to recruit their closest friends and family into key positions in the Greek system.

Nonetheless, the second statement is a fact that we might be interested to pay more attention. A person who is a candidate for his own party has to invest money and time to improve his social network. To be a politician needs to be a well-connected man, both within the party and to the electors. This proves that during the pre-election period, many candidates promise lots of things that an elector might need. And what an elector needs? Money, a well paid and secure job. The economic crisis makes all the people seek the guarantor of survival and in the elector’s eyes, the candidate fulfils his desires.

But those ingredients nowadays do not secure the candidates’ place in Parliament. During all these years people realized that a politician tells us what exactly (more or less) want to hear. Furthermore, individuals are lost their hope to a system that does not give any more attention to the citizen’s needs, not personal needs, but his social needs. All the economic scandals are viewed in a passive way, like the news of a new scandal is in our everyday life. Citizens also know, that if an economic scandal brought into the surface, nothing is going to happen.

So, what is the citizen’s reaction to all this? With a cynical point of view, people are talking about corruption in politics, but nonetheless they forgot that in a representative democracy, THEY have the right to choose THEIR representative. Many politicians in Greece are the same politicians ruled the country a decade ago. Greece’s Prime Minister is the son of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, a politician that started his political career back in the 1940s. Those facts have a point to make. Politicians, nowadays it is a vocation, like a lawyer, doctors, etc. They care to keep their connection into social networks, to make income for their families, for their businesses, and many more.

Corruption in politics is a worldwide issue. We must look at it with a clear perspective and we need to become more active than we are right now. We need to focus on ourselves, not in an arrogant way, but what truly is the best for us and therefore for our community or vise versa. Politicians are deeply connected to the system and do not change if we do not change our perspective. It is not enough for us to be cynics and face economic scandals as a daily routine. If we accept the notion that politician, is a representative that takes power from citizens, then we might understand that if someone is desperate for money, profession, etc, we are not us, as people, but they, because without us they will not get what they desire, power.

All in all, politicians, especially in Greece, are routed to Parliament just due to the fact that the social network is working. People cannot take action because simply they do not have the power to do. All the people must understand that is only an obstacle to the sovereign power of politicians, but people forget that he is the “sovereign” . 

Workers on amazon call for strike

The situation is hard to handle and the lockdown is testing us, mostly mentally. But, for others, this situation is much more difficult. Take the example of Amazon workers. During the COVID-19 spread, hundreds of workers keep on working under questionable conditions, even if we avoid making handshakes, to kiss or to socialize with other people. Yes, a big company, make more profit than ever since the beginning of the economic crisis.

Amazon announced the recruitment of 175.000 employees and analysts claim that the company’s profit will be reached at the sky. But what are the consequences? Is this right during this dangerous situation to work in a warehouse with hundreds of people in it? The company said that it provided masks and temperature control to the workers. Many theorists dismissed this measure. For the company it is quite well, they make a profit.

So, lockdown increase online shopping as a way to stay at home and do business. In contrast, those online orders will be delivered by workers. Especially, if we talking about a country that is number 1 in deaths from COVID-19. As a result, workers from over 130 warehouses will go on strike to protest against the company’s health policy during the coronavirus spread.

I will ask some simple questions. What we care about the most, for human lives or a simple material that we think as value and it represents only wealth? For me, this question has a clear answer. Most of us care about humanity as we stay at home. But, what about the others, who are needing the job to survive in life? There are not humans too? It is all about this piece of paper that we recognize as money? All in all, if we want to help these people, we must be ethical consumers, and buy with minimalist way. We have to care for others. 

WWF claims that will be more and more viruses like covid-19

According to WWF Italy, the COVID-19 spread is one of many viruses that will cause a pandemic over the next years. The report claims that viruses such as coronavirus, AIDS, Ebola, etc caused by the consummation of wild animals and carried from animals to humans. As a result, WWF suggested to governments to sign a form that will provide some form of solution. This form has three suggestions and one of them is to reduce up to 50% the results of human impact on nature.

I will stand here for my point because on the one hand, we have nature. Over the last years, we saw ecological issues to rise over us as the politics embrace this ecological concern and we as humans, realized that we need to act in order to protect nature. We act exactly in the same way as we feel the catastrophe is coming. So, in humanity, there is some point of compassion for nature.

In contrast, we keep on moving in fast forward, we keep on producing and producing and we keep on consuming and consuming. We recycle our products but the industries continue to produce and produce waste and so on. This is the recycling circle? In my view, the thing goes like this: For the one product that I recycle, the same product produced by five times at least.

“Capitalism is producing a tremendous amount of waste,” said Zizek in his movie, “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”. I do not think that many will argue about what is behind the production. Of course, is the profit. And I believe this is the reason that industries found a way to overcome the guilt of consummation. They “pretend” to support the environment. Some businesses do care about nature, but some of them are not. If the profit is behind the production, I do not see reducing production is a solution that industries will agree with. Because this is how the system works.

It is hard to imagine the world with less production, in a system that works with production and consummation. It will be hard to think that industries will be agreeing to reduce up to 50% of the human impact on nature. Not to mention what will be consequences to the economy. It is the dilemma that will be facing in the near future. Economy or Nature? Our products or our lives? Our imaginary world of useless stuff that we encouraged to buy or our safety?

“Let nature rule as nature”. I couldn’t agree more with this phrase. Nature has rules and humans tried to overcome. It is like an antagonism of power. Nature vs Humans. If we believed that we will be the winners, then we will not be afraid of the catastrophe. Deep into our minds, we know that we are weak. And the pandemic of COVID-19 assures it.

To sum up, I do not have any solution other than to reduce production. Bruno Latour’s theory of deconstruction provides a different view of our fetishism to production. It is time to stop being passive consumers only and believe anything that industries tell about how they care for nature. It might for marketing purposes. We do not need another COVID-19 to understand that we are in the wrong way.

Nowadays, it is more important to speak